Bistro and Café Spolu, Žďár nad Sázavou

The study of the bistro and café project, with protected working positions, in Žďár nad Sázavou, is a heartbeat, not only because of the beautiful location and location immediately adjacent to the UNESCO - Sts. Jana Nepomůckého, but also because the implemented project will give the mentally disabled people the opportunity to participate in the working regime connected with the operation of the bistro and also in the creative activities. The bistro is designed for 9 guests and in the summer months it will also offer open spaces for a pleasant front garden. The use of predominantly natural materials such as wood, as well as concrete, and the identification feature of plants, herbs and perennials that are the owner's preference and become a solid part of both the interior and the exterior. The main element used inside and outside the building is the cascade. Cascading barrier composed of laths of different widths and sizes, shaping plasticity and playfulness. Used in the exterior serves as a separation from the public space, it is not only a design concept of the fence, but from the inside it contains at different height levels a bar, a classic seating, and a space for comfortable restraint, while creating the planting areas that provide the entire shield life. The entire bistro is accessible, barrier-free, after a ramp that divides the front garden into two areas.

The cascading principle is reflected in the interior, where it comes at different levels of height, along the wall, like a snake, and passes smoothly across the bar into the workspace space. Due to the smaller usable area of ​​the entire backdrop, this arrangement is the ideal choice for creating intimacy and privacy of individual sessions. Here is the choice of different types of accommodation for guests, from classic table, to sitting on bar chairs. It uses very spacious window niches and also serves as a sitting area. The playfulness and lightening of the interior concept underscore the non-classic showcases in the shape of blocks, where, individually, the products created by employees with a certain form of handicap are offered individually.

The design of the interior is to create a pleasant fresh atmosphere, where the guests feel TOGETHER as one family, the final and crucial one is the result but mainly that the employees have the opportunity to show the company how good they can prepare the coffee as the fragrant cakes can endearly decorate on the plate or how they can originally wrap the products they create themselves.

Project 2018

Pohled z exteriéru
Pohled interiér
Pohled interiér
Pohled z exteriéru - předzahrádka
Pohled z exteriéru - předzahrádka
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