House on the house, warehouse Bartos, Prague - Holešovice

House on the house as a parasite on an existing Bartoš warehouse in Holešovice. The metaphorical idea of ​​the establishment of the organism on the roof of a building that grows not only on the surface, but gradually grows and spices through the warehouse. Its central box looks like a "house above the house" and is dynamically heading to the center of Prague. Balance, levitation, penetration. There are primary static forms that are included in the concept. The main horizontal tube, reminiscent of a crane, refers to the former function of a warehouse, as a dock dock. The volumes deployed on the roof or out of the facade are different in height as the fleeting interpretation of freight containers. The contrast between the original and the new, underlines the materials on the facade. Against industrial concrete, boxes are covered with futuristic reflective plates that mirror the surrounding environment or are glazed. The main function of the objects is the magazine publishing house. The horizontal tube serves as a space for event events, exhibitions, presentations. Roof volume is earmarked for publisher management and meeting facilities. Glazed tubing, which runs longitudinally inside, through the storage space, divides its generously open space into individual sections into which it is possible to enter this passageway. Here are associated features for publishers such as photo labs, offices, warehouses. Perpendicular to the axis of the glazed tube are transversely made boxes that pierce through the façade. They take advantage of their outlook and include resting areas, a café or access to the terrain. In place of former refrigerators, the volume is located with the main entrance, from which the primary load-bearing structure grows, and it also contains a lift.

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