Multifunctional object, Central Business District, Prague

Temporary object was entered in the competition from Penta Investments. The company plans to build the Central Business District, designed by Zaha Hadid architects, which will completely transform the architectural and urban scale of the Prague center over the next few years. The several-year stages of construction, to revive an object that will function as a revival of the urban environment and at the same time as a prospect of the archaeological work carried out in the area. The first location will be Masarykovo nádraží. Specifically, in the past few years, it is a place that does not work in any way, either comfortably or safely. The study of the building is inspired by paper. Paper as a lightweight, portable and ductile material. Conversion of its surface into 3D mass elements, using familiar techniques such as folding or origami. Each layer has a defined stairs function, a viewing platform, and more. The wooden construction covers the perforated sheet with original cross-sections, color-coded for each functional layer. Metallic shades of silver, blending with copper, white or contrasting bronze, attract attention and give the building a touch of luxury and futurism that the Central Business District will also be specific. The concept is complemented by a deployed furniture, an additional function of the cafeteria, the operation during all seasons and thus its special use, including the promotion of art, performed performances, the use of ornamental floristry and the comprehensive involvement of the inhabitants.