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Cafe Frida _ Prague

The new space for the space works with the connection of specific coloring, typical for the mexican style in combination with existing express floor. The proposal gives green green and light gray to space to the space, supporting the main visual effect in the total proportion gets a space and bar part solution when structural structure inspired by mexican archetypal style is used on the front panel, connecting to a simple and pure solution of shelf parts. where a tile that supports your bar as a most point of environment is applied. above the barstream are new hanging space, round lights and additional element will be led line light integrated into the bar structure only.the new location of seating sites has a bench, which is creating a balanced functional balanc to the original bar. It is located on the transmission and the gases adjusted on the one of the games in the leave. this bench is a part of the wall system that surfaces area, head, half side and contains a mobile section with a dominant mirror element that works on the sliding principle and looks to existing the existing library that may be a storage space. this system effect provides a minimalist visual that creates a creative feel from the whole interior and gives explosion of images hanged on you.a new wall light position in the organic shape gets a space of light light filling a great atmosphere and support the organic type of all lights used in the proposal. other, new distributed lights are designed in two sidewears, you except your main features, understand also the arc and elements of the space.

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