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Flat reconstruction _ Kodaňská _ Prague

The proposal is based on the overall opening of the whole layout and the creation of a continuously interconnected space. A separate bedroom was created in the right corner with a window overlooking the garden. At the same time, the headboard is used as a structured storage space, replacing bedside tables.

The wall separating the kitchen from the bedroom has, in the ceiling section, a belt window that transmits natural light behind it as well. The partition separating the bedroom and living area is also made of plasterboard construction, but only up to about one third. The rest of this partition is finished with luxfers that give the space a retro touch in a modern way. Shading in the bedroom works like a sliding curtain system that corresponds to the entire design. Kitchen is complemented by a small island in the area, which also passes into the dining table, with chairs, opposite nice.

The optical and functional connection is created between the dining and living areas. The design of the whole design is in soft shades of white, light gray and olive green. The symbiotic addition of materials is the efficient use of wood on the floor and light wood on some elements of storage. The visual of the whole project is supposed to act as a fresh and timeless design that emphasizes original details, such as used luxfer or sophisticated use of created space, even in such a flat smaller apartment.

axo 2_kodanska
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