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Multifunctional complex, Liberec, Jablonecká street

The study of the polyfunctional complex in Liberec, in Jablonecká Street, elaborates the idea of ​​the overall design of urbanism and solves a set of five objects and superstructure as a coherent design.

Composition of multifunctional houses, in conjunction with residential housing, administration and retail space. The project deals with spatial concepts, dispositions, interiors, concepts of design solution and installation of technical equipment of buildings.

The basic idea of ​​the proposal is the interconnection and continuity of individual buildings, not their separation. The individual masses are distributed on the principle of the basic geometric net, where a main parter, water element and paved areas, including green, are located in the main longitudinal axis passing between the objects. It includes shops, cafes, restaurants and civic amenities.

The mutual relationship of the buildings creates a pleasant environment for the users and visitors, in the western part it continuously builds on the fundamental slope of the terrain and in the eastern part forms the barrier objects from the busy street Na Bída.

The design works with the interconnection of individual buildings, at higher elevation levels, which is enhanced by a bridge linking objects E and F, it passes through buildings and then connects to cycle + pedestrian crossing the whole site. The motif of interconnection is repeated by the superstructure of object C, which translates on objects A, B. The composition shows the entrance gate of the complex as well as the entire site, on a larger scale, underlining the vista towards the city center. There are spacious duplex apartments.

An important element in the proposal is the maximum use of green-green roofs, landscaping, greenery in the ground floor, reflecting the nature of Liberec, which has as a city a large percentage of green and natural elements. All buildings are connected by massive garages on the basement.

3D schéma komplexu
Idea konceptu
Architektonická situace
Řešení parteru
Půdorys 1NP
Půdorys 2NP
Vizualizace vstupní haly
Vizualizace kanceláře
Půdorys 5NP
Půdorys 6NP
Detail půdorysu mezonetů
Vizualizace mezonet
Vizualizace mezonetu
Konstrukční řešení překladu C
Řez fasádou - LOP
Pohled severo-východní
Řez CC'
Řez BB'
Pohled Jiho-západní
1PP - parkování
Pohled Jiho-východní
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