Museum of Czech Architecture, Prague - Dejvice

Architecture as an envelope for architectural development over the past 100 years. How to define it? From the first idea of ​​wrapping a vacuum, into a basic element, such as a block. One can only imagine it in many forms, as fantasy allows it, to the present day, to realize almost utopian ideas in all types of constructions and materials.

Architecture, though forcibly taking on the shape, the aesthetic impression and almost derision of man, when literally denies physical laws, and in the result of the time horizon, is architecture that survives the generations.

In the concept of the museum, the deformation of the basic shape is used, but they have specific functions. Monumental concept and highlight of the entrance part, also supporting the urban concept of the area. Opening the view and glazing of the construction into the park area, which is located at a lower height level. By reconsolidation, the volume of construction, as it is, floats above the terrain and forms the dominant environment, at the same time forms a partly covered area of ​​the parterre with greenery, for a peaceful rest. The façade with original splicing and tiling in areas where daylight is required is chosen in a black, elegant and timeless shade.

The interior is designed as a raised height level, in the form of a spacious mid-point that the museum features. Their intersection with stairwells intersects the atrium that penetrates the entire building. The flatness of the roof plane penetrates the daylight into the whole volume, at a proportional dose, meeting the requirements for the indoor environment of the exposures. The reviving element is the depository, passing through the entire building, where visitors can see all the operations with the exhibitions and additional exhibits behind the glass shell.

Pohled 1
Pohled 2
Řez podélný
Řez příčný
Širší situace
Parter severní část, řešení vstupu
Interiér _ 2NP _ expozice
1 NP
2 NP
Interiér - severní část
Pohled východ
Pohled západ
Pohled sever
Pohled jih
Parter v jižní části
Interiér - jižní část
Řešení superkonstrukce
Řešení superkonstrukce
Hmotový vývoj
Konstrukční vývoj
Původní stav 1
Původní stav 2