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Sports hall _ Nová Paka

The competition design of the Sports Hall in Nová Paka represents an innovative approach to architecture of this type. The main idea is to work with matter, which represents an intervention into a very limited area. Terrain and greenery are essential inspirational elements for the shape of the volume. The mass respects and uses existing terrain unevenness. Spaces with the most significant clear height are set in areas where the terrain is falling radically. Metaphorically, the design completes the green slope, which is, by its importance, further deepened by the use of a green functional roof and organic shapes. These aspects promote a symbiotic connection with the environment. The highlight is the actual functions of the hall and climbing facilities, which form the imaginary peaks of the slope. The layout and functional solution, in the interior, takes care of the playfulness and entertainment that sport should bring, whether it is a running track continuing to the roof, essential contact with the greenery, original relaxation areas. The sports hall is a place where all generations, different interests, struggle for winning, joy and toil meet. All this combines the spirit of sport and timeless original concept, a newly created background for all events.

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