Public space - Nusle, Prague 4

The solved location of the public space is located in Prague Nusle. At present it is a grassy, ​​very steep and inaccessible hill that connects the Jezerka Park and Nuselska Street. This is a gap between the rising area that clearly determines the street line.

The goal was to make accessible the park, which is located almost 18 m above the level of Nuselská Street.

The project is inspired by a branch of tree that merges into three levels: entrance to the park, center slope and pavement level. The main branch serves as a view, and the console runs up behind the street line. The branch on the slope is half-open, it also heads towards the street and thanks to the side walls it can be used to serve as an art exhibition. The lower part is completely below the slope and allows access to the elevator that connects these levels.

The facade of all volumes is mirrored and reflects the greenery, which is, with only minor modifications, respected. The edges of matter work with a line lighting that, in the dark or at night, forms a functional plastic art from the project.

The pedestrian level is complemented by cascading areas for sitting and resting, waiting for a tram or a coffee drink. In the summer, the facade of the adjacent building is used for projection screen, cinema or visual performances.

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