House Ocular, Slapy

The affected plot and the Ocular house, in the Microlaquity Slapy, are located furthest from the exposed views.

The main idea is therefore the natural sharpening of the image of the landscape by man. Tools and gestures are the inspiration for mass

solution of the object and profiling in its visual rendering. The main tube breaks through the roof plane and forms the console facing the view. It has a master bedroom and another room. The tubing is laid at a different height level than the whole 2NP, this transition is overcome by three stair steps, in the 1st floor it then appears as an elevated ceiling above the kitchen part.

1NP is designed as a constantly open space, except the entrance with storage space, there is a technical room, bathroom, guest room, kitchen area and living area, with direct connection to the garden. The volumes penetrating through the bulk of the house are made of metallic aluminum panels of anthracite shade. It creates a contrast to the cedar facade, its tones reflecting the earthy colors of the site and the environment.

The project _ 2017-2018_ is part of the prepared microlocality.

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