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Cultural Center Rabštejn, Kostelec nad Orlicí

The competition design of the Cultural Center of the Joint Club Rabštejn is not just a facade in the corner of the square. It is the gateway to a beautiful park behind the town hall. It is a connecting link between the square, the church, the park and Komenského street in the lower part of the city.

The house responds to the unbalanced location in the city with a graceful 180 ° turn. Its position in the corner of the square is set by the back, bare, clean, simple, clearly speaking of its cultural content. But he doesn't want to be withdrawn. He does not hide his face, he only turns it into a beautiful garden behind the town hall, where he does not want to be alone, so he pushes himself away from the original buildings to let everyone who is interested behind him through a short gap.

It does not define its humble bowels with ultimate accuracy, it leaves room for imagination, variability and change. The café and the exhibition hall are connected not only with each other, but also with the outdoor green environment. As a support to them, but also to the large hall, it gives a mobile folding element to the suction, expanding what is needed.

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