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New semitrailer with primary school, Bašť

Competition proposal for a new village square in the village of Bašť, which had the task of solving the location of the school function, new housing, municipal office, quality public space and at the same time integrating the original listed granary building.

The original buildings, which form the image of the street line, are preserved and newly create the identity of the located internal functions. Between these buildings is enclosed a new 4 wings mass, with an integrated, inner, central square. The volume creates a clean white background for picturesque archetypal buildings in terms of shape, material and color, thus enhancing their role in the complex. The opposite of the white impermeable strength is the maximally open parterre, with several wide penetrations and a subtle glass material. The new village square respectfully complements the existing municipal center and thus adds another lively environment with a public but intimate character that meets the needs of a wide range of locals.

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