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Municipal office, Hovorčovice

The proposal represents an intersection of the requirements of public administration, civic amenities and the historical context. The minimalist concept of the design creates a safe urban solution with rest areas in the old part of the city, complemented by timeless and sustainable architecture. The material rendering brings an elementary approach that does not overshadow the local memory of the church. On the contrary, it should fit into the local lifestyle and create diverse spaces for the locals. The design consists of a main vertically graded volume and a secondary ground mass. This height division and their mutual position supports the visual and communication permeability of the area. The main building is filled with the official function of the city management and the secondary one consists of a public administrative structure. The basement floor does not become an inaccessible environment, but is connected with the public space of the stairs and greenery. The proposal of the municipal office is a quality and clear bureaucratic background, but also a link of the community composed of all age categories..

Snímek obrazovky 2021-01-20 v 16.10.38
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