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Family housing, Praha - Kačerov

In the invited competition by the development company V Invest, the assignment was more generous family living in the Prague part of Kačerov. We designed houses in which we would live alone. With the added value of interesting architecture, airy interior and timelessness. For people who want to have a piece of their world, even in the center of Prague. The architecture is based on a minimalist principle, which makes the development for future owners clear, usable and timeless. Originality comes in important details of the facade, glazing or material arrangement. Working with height levels responds to the slope of the land in a diagonal direction (1st floor of each house is sunk by 0.75 m). As a result, a reduced level is created, the so-called English backyard. It adds to the height of the play and enhances the feeling of privacy in relation to the exterior.

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