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Sara Hildén museum, Tampere - Finland

Interface of the park Wilhelm von Nottbeckin puisto and the adjacent tree line are main dominants of the plot. These elements have become important determining factors of the whole design. Two diverse volumes makes maximum use of the defined area and divides the museum into different parts. 

The entrance building complements the city block and completes unfinished street line, but at the same time keeps a partial distance from neighboring objects. This volume is shaped extremely minimalistic with generous proportion. 

Important visual connection between the entrance building and the museum itself is glass road section, which also serves as a ceiling in the basement entrance part to the museum.

The museum volume is perceived as an art sculpture. Shape is reaction on very specific position of the plot. Greenery from the park flows into the historical urban structure at this point. Roof curve increases gradually and allows an organic transformation of park greenery to green roof of the museum. 

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