Interior reconstruction _ Pod Lečí

The main aim of the whole design is the space of the kitchen, dining room and newly created living room, optically connect and create one open space. The new kitchen assembly concept allows it to be pulled into space. The dining room, together with the newly created fireplace stove, becomes the heart of the entire space. The lower space contains the functions of the game and relaxation space. The entire interior is divided in its area by different height levels - leveling stairs, wooden podium. The design of the entire design is in shades of gray and dark blue. The symbiotic addition of materials, black metal and concrete, is the efficient use of wood, in walnut decor, on multiple elements throughout the interior. This makes the design of the space complex. The visual of the whole project should act as a fresh, timeless and very elegant design that emphasizes original details.

Living room
Kitchen and dining room
Living room
Floor plan
Section plans - new building

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