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Family house, Slapy

The Triangle family villa project, located in the immediate vicinity of the Slapy dam and only 30 minutes from the capital city of Prague, is a unique combination of elements that make perfect harmony in human life.

The plot is oriented towards a beautiful view of the beautiful Czech landscape. Its boundary is not adjacent to any other land, and due to the elevation and slope of the terrain, it is situated in partial seclusion. The land of an area of ​​1260 m2 is quite atypical in the form of an approximate triangle. By its location, layout, and shape, the house totally respects the landscape and uses exposed views that play a primary role in this design. The main idea of ​​the concept was the clear use of the perspective and hence the contact with nature where the western tip of the plot reaches the forest, and the remaining two points are directed to a slight overlook of the surroundings. The solution is therefore the mass of the cube, which is diagonally divided and seated on itself. By slightly turning the mass of the second above-ground floor, the just-mentioned contact with the edge of the forest and the two remaining horns is seen in the landscape. These corner parts are large-format glazed and each room, creating a private experience when opening these glass walls, even at the very sight. At the same time, due to overlapping, there are covered areas on the first floor above the terrace and the main entrance to the house. The entire territory of Chotilia was famous for the gold and iron ore mining, and so the reflections of the landscape are very earthy in its color, and there are brown, ocher or brick shades. In this connection, Corten is used on the facade of the second above-ground floor, which is a weather-resistant steel plate. Their surface has a very elegant and original appearance, a characteristic rust patina for these boards. On the first floor there are Cembrit boards in the anthracite shade, which are fiber-cement boards, colored in their entire mass. The usable area of ​​the house is 300 m2.

Project _ 2017_ is part of the prepared micro-area.

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