Old Firestation _ Reward in competition

The competition design of the Community Center - Stará Hasička is a connection of a humble approach to a historically perceived building and a modern concept of its renewal. The new dimension of the building is to elevate the building to the dominant element of the square and the entire location, combined with large glazed areas and elegant material solutions. Emphasis is placed on the maximum variability and connectivity of the internal layout of the ground floor and the connection to a well-usable public space. The volume is filled with valuable functions, such as a central atrium with greenery or a representative large hall. The floor is revived by different height levels and a newly designed community garden. A timeless and sustainable architectural approach, with the idea of the original, is to be an intergenerational link, a representative environment for good relationships, education, entertainment and quality cultural experiences.


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Detail Fasády
Detail Fasády
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Axonometrie funkcí
Axonometrie funkcí
Axonometrie funkcí

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