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Barn conversion - Orlické Hory

The barn, with the working name Biotrucovna, in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains is about to revitalize. A dazzling jewel lying on a vast plot of land and in a protected area gets a new coat in the form of a wooden facade that will be customized by Japanese wood-burning technology. The large glass windows, both from the barn and from the adjoining stump, are oriented into the open, charming nature. The well-balanced combination of wood, glass and concrete deliberately preserves the essence of the reconstruction and spirit of the local village development. The barn will serve as a recreational object.

Pohled 1
Pohled 2
Pohled - původní stav
Pohled do okolí
Shou Sugi Ban _ opalované dřevo
Stodola - původní stav
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