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Architecture and "awareness"

The definition of architecture is, in deeper reflection, so complicated that it requires a separate, highly philosophical article.

But what is essential is that without realizing it in the everyday stereotypical process, it completely affects our life and the regime. How we feel, whether we are thinking positively, whether we will go longer but more interestingly, whether we feel hot outside and cold inside, or whether the same coffee tastes differently in two different spaces.

Perhaps the very first step is really the concept of "awareness". Frequent thinking over the space we are surrounding ourselves, and in daily situations we have been told that there is something wrong and why we feel it or we find ourselves in an ideal environment, we are doing our reasoning for self-reflection. Then maybe we will be able to define our reasonable demands and not only exist in what it is, because it just has to be like this and do not know why it affects us and how.

A few days back I sat in Karlin in Prague, in the "Barracks" cafe, where you can escape a little bit of Prague's hustle and bustle (a very special place with great atmosphere).

I worked in Autocad and enjoyed the shade under the trees that, fortunately, the city did not cut down - a nice surprise.

There were two handsome, sympathetic friends, a woman and a man, aged 25-30, sitting on the bench behind me.

Without my intention, I could not overhear their conversation. At first they discussed German techno, another techno party and mostly summer travelling and locations. It is positive to feel that cognition is increasingly rooted in the young Czech generation because they simply can and want.

But why I mention it all because the whole beer they talked about the change in the urban conditions in Nusle, Karlín, the new constructions of Letná, the dubious developmental plans in architecture and what they seem and what they did not do right. These two buddies, who went for a beer instead of grabbing lunch, could talk about any topic like food, politics, or relationships, but they did not. They picked architecture.

Internally, I was delighted with this, and I realize that a certain part (the smaller) of society knows about architecture, realizes it and has an opinion about it.

The young generation wants to get to know everything. Architecture should be deeply embracing, being an integral part of discussions, literature, public and private events, just as it works now, as part of everything, with the difference of "awareness" and its impact.

Contributions, texts and videos will guide our way in developing study projects, new events, inspiration in everything we want to share with you.

It is important for us to develop the popularization of architecture, thanks to the theoreticians (the great Gebrian who did so much great work for Czech education), but we lack the opening of the ideas and intentions of practicing architects who should give public passage through their visions.

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