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Different approaches to the perception of architecture

One of the definitions of architecture includes the idea that architecture itself is primarily a tool of society that serves as a mediator to satisfy basic human needs- to live, educate, work, culturally enrich and develop. In this text, we are thinking about the first approach to perception of architecture as a matter that has its specific function in fulfilling all the above-mentioned basic needs. We do not solve debatable facts about that the architecture is also an enclosed space of 1m3 or other material / light / sound composition in an open space, as a second approach to the perception of architecture. This dual perception allows us to grasp architecture either as something we have to adapt to, as we do not have sufficient competence to change, or vice versa as something we can work with and what we can influence.The above-mentioned idea should refer to the content of our first article "Awareness of the Environment around Us."

We know that we can influence our living. We can think of the space where we spend about 70% of our lives. We also have a free choice to choose the space we want to use or visit in our free time, whether it's a theater or a restaurant where we're going to dine. Nowadays, this is of course the quality offered (performance, choice of food). But unconditionally, we also realize how the chosen space affects us, whether it is pleasant and we feel relaxed in it.

But there is also an environment we can not influence too much - space where we spend time studying or doing corporate work. If we are not happy with the environment in which we "have to" act during the day, there are many options that can be thought of.

Most radical is probably a change of employment, which is not a good one for us.

The second option is the free choice to actively engage in open discussions about easily realizable changes in the school / work environment. Changing the elements of the interior or designing a change in the organization of the environment is certainly one of those possible changes. How you feel at work / school has a big impact on motivation for activity and opening up creativity and is key to the resulting quality of your results.

If there is not one of the possibilities for you and you have to spend the day in an environment that is not pleasant to you, you always have the opportunity to choose your own environment after completing your duties. This closes the circle and returns to the idea that you have at least the choice of where to live and spend your free time. Although this compensation of time spent in an incompetent environment during work / school hours seems to be inappropriate, but it can be taken as a very effective approach.

The interest in new trends in architecture, design, residential interior or cultural environment (design cafes, restaurants, new cultural events, performances) can really enrich your "awareness" of what surrounds you, open new possibilities and inspire you.

Whatever your option is, we want to encourage you by this article to openly and freely develop your lifestyle in which architecture plays a very big part. Discover new environments and give architects and designers a chance to show new opportunities for living and we are absolutely convinced that your view of life and lifestyle will be greatly enhanced.

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